About Us

GAS Collective stands for “Guest And Shearer” – G. A. S. – and is a consultancy made up of Ian Guest and Matt Shearer.

Matt Shearer

Matt spent much of his career at the BBC, founding the News Labs and #newsHACK programmes, developing teams and initiatives, and generally working out how best to deliver innovation in a red tape factory. Matt has 20 years of experience on Web projects, 15 on Broadcast & Internet tech, 12 on Agile Project Management, and 5 on Innovation programmes. Outside of GAS Collective, Matt currently freelances with Outlandish.com, a Workers Cooperative that focuses on fairness and social good.

Ian Guest

Ian has spent 20 years in various corporations (being less loyal to one company than Matt) 15 of which was running procurement and supply chains across multiple spends and disciplines. This includes 6 years managing and sourcing suppliers for Allianz Plc and co-operating with multiple global suppliers. In this time he has run something like 100 tender programmes, has managed supply chains with spends in the hundreds of millions and has used procurement to accelerate innovation and change.